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Tags High blood pressure Hypertension is the most frequently occurring disease in the world affecting more than one quarter of the adult population.

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It is often the case that only complications heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, etc. What is high blood pressure Hypertension? Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls.


Hypertension means that the walls of the arteries are receiving too much pressure repeatedly. The top number is the pressure when the heart beats.

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The bottom number is the pressure when the heart rests between beats. Magas vérnyomás - vérnyomásmérés What are the causes of high blood pressure?

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There are two types of hypertension: Primary essential hypertension In this case there is no identifiable cause. It can develop as a result of environmental or genetic factors and it may be also related to poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and obesity.

Check Your Blood Pressure In the event that you have high blood pressure, lowering it even by a little percentage will help minimize your risk of developing certain health problems. You can get your blood pressure checked at a variety of locations, consisting of: at your GP surgical treatment at some drug stores as part of your your local doctor Health Check in some offices You can likewise examine your blood pressure yourself with a house blood pressure screen.

Secondary hypertension It can be a side effect of certain types of medications. In most cases there are no symptoms at all for a long time. It is very important to recognize the disease at an early stage in order to prevent complications.

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Regular blood pressure measurement is the best method to check our condition. Rare symptoms Dizzy spells, dull headaches, frequent nosebleeds, shortness of breath Diagnosis Blood pressure measurement is essential for diagnosis.

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After hypertonia was diagnosed, it is the task of the physician to clarify the types primary or secondary hypertension and the causes of high blood pressure. In case of secondary hypertension it is also necessary to treat the background disease. One blood pressure reading is not enough to diagnose hypertension.

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The general practitioner will take several readings over a set period in order to set up an accurate diagnosis. This means three separate measurements during a week in calm conditions.

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Treatments for hypertension The treatment method always depends on the severity of high blood pressure and the risk factors with particular regard to medical history of the patient. Slightly elevated blood pressure.

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